Markee Books is the #1 Design Choice for Authors

Markee Books is a group of authors, designers, and media professionals who love stories. Founded as a division of Markee Media, Markee Books began at the start of the 2020 global pandemic. Against all odds, the remote work revolution opened an opportunity for authors to find world-class service easier than ever before. What started as a side hobby, became a full time endeavor. Now it is our Mission to amplify the most powerful medium in history: the written word.

Your story deserves to be seen, be heard, and most importantly, be read. The proper first impression makes all the difference when it comes to growing your readership. 

Besides your pen name and book title, your book cover is the first impression a reader gets of your story, and it must stand out for you to have the best chances to get your story read.

Meet Our Team

Marcus Salvator

Founder, Graphic Designer

Dan Ricoveri

Author and General Manager


Graphic Designer

Daniela Perez

Writer & Customer Relationship Manager

Fatima Mirza

Writer & Customer Relationship Manager

Abdullah Jan

Lead Graphic Designer

Amna Amar

General Manager

Our values are:

Open to Feedback

Creativity is a collaborative process. We embrace both positive and negative feedback to create meaningful designs and creative assets for your story. We listen to you at each step of the way and understand that every story is unique and requires a unique perspective. We also leverage data of market trends and best sellers in your genre to craft a cover fit to your market and genre.

Detail Oriented

What makes something great is the details. What’s underneath the surface makes your story special. These details inspire our work for you to design it personalized down to the pixel.


You’re busy and want to focus on your life. We’re here to help you get your results faster than ever with as little friction as possible. Once we are clear on your vision and your needs, we send you progress reports on your assets. You can sit back and relax as we make your vision a reality.

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