Exploring the World of Words – An Interview with Author Jeff


In the realm of literature, authors possess the remarkable ability to transport readers to uncharted territories, evoking emotions, and leaving a lasting impact. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the talented wordsmith, Jeff, whose literary journey has paved the way for captivating stories that resonate with audiences across genres.

In this exclusive interview, we dive into Jeff’s background as an author, explore his writing motivations, and gain insights into his creative process. From finding inspiration to overcoming obstacles, Jeff opens up about the joys and challenges of his writing journey.

Join us as we delve into the mind of Jeff, celebrating his achievements, and discovering the inspiration behind his latest work, “Over Home.”

Meet the Author

Hi Jeff! How are you? Could you talk to us a bit about your background and biography as an author? 

I’ve been writing since my teen years. I self-published a crime fiction novel in 2009 featuring a strong female lead. I lived in North Carolina for 30-plus years, and then relocated to East Tennessee to care for my aging parents. I live in Blount County, Tennessee, with Connie, my Dear One. 

Which genre do you typically write in? 

With the exception of the crime fiction novel mentioned above, usually I gravitate to novels of the heart. 

Why is it your favorite? 

I feel them more deeply. 

Tell us about your previous works.

Shrike (2009) is a present-day crime fiction novel. See above. 

Is there any notable achievement you’re proud of? 

Despite much adversity, finally I finished Over Home after 13 years and kept my promise to the real Lucindy. 

Writing Journey

Why did you start your journey as a writer? 

I hated reality. Whenever I could write, I could make my own. 

What were your motivations behind the decision to start writing?

As above PLUS in my high school years, I was told by a teacher that I had a natural gift for writing. 

Who is your favorite author? 

My favorite author is Howard Garis, who wrote the Uncle Wiggily series of books. 

Would you consider they influenced you early on in your writing career?

Yes. The books were quite whimsical. I wanted to emulate that. 

Inspiration and Creative Process

Where do you find inspiration for your books?

I like to think I don’t get ideas, they get me. Something that moves me deeply, for whatever reason, will give me the impetus to write. 

How does your creative process work? Do you like to go with the flow or do you follow a specific method?

Usually, I write the beginning of the story, then the end, as I see those first. Then, it’s filling in that pesky middle part. 

Writing Routine and Habits

Could you describe your writing routine on a daily or weekly basis?

Since I work full-time, I write when I can. Usually on the weekends. 

Do you have any special rituals to do while in the writing process?

Not as such. When I felt I needed to once upon a time, I enjoyed drinking while I wrote. I know it’s a cliché for authors, but I liked it. 

Challenges and Overcoming Obstacles

What are some of the obstacles you’ve encountered on your writing journey?

A divorce, two deaths, several relationships, many changes of residence, many changes of jobs, and discouragement, as I lost touch with the real Lucindy in 2010. 

How did you overcome them?

One of the deaths was of my long-term companion Amy, whom I knew since junior high. She was a victim of abuse as was Lucindy, so she compelled me to finish Over Home, as she felt some women might be encouraged and/or empowered by Lucindy breaking the chains that bound her. 

Current Projects and Future Plans

Tell us some details about your current work-in-progress.

Over Home is the story of Lucindy, a young woman from rural Kentucky who rises from the abyss of childhood abuse to find true love, and lives her dream of owning a bed-and-breakfast on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Although she is burdened with the emotional baggage from her youth, she abides, and finds one special man who helps her carry it, allowing her to ‘fly with her own wings.’

What was the inspiration behind it?

In 2010, I traveled to Kentucky to visit the real Lucindy, whom I got to know via conversations online. She showed me her childhood home, her dream home, and told me of her dreams to own a bed-and-breakfast. All of that prompted me to write the story. 

Are there any upcoming projects you’re excited about?

I’m toying with an idea for a children’s book, based on the children of people I work with. Today, I came up with the idea to write about how Connie and I met. 

“For the love of God, write. Write what you know or get to know it. Keep what is left of the English language alive.”

Jeff Carlson

Final Thoughts and Closing Remarks

Do you have any additional advice you would like to share with fellow authors who may be reading this? Any valuable insights?

For the love of God, write. Write what you know, or get to know it. Keep what is left of the English language alive. I feel there aren’t many of those writers left. 

Finally, what message would you like to convey to your readers?

I hope you fall in love with Over Home. There is so much of me I poured into it. 


Jeff’s passion for storytelling and dedication to his craft shine through in every word he shares. From his favorite genres to his creative process, he reminds us that the world of writing is vast and ever-evolving.

As readers, we are fortunate to immerse ourselves in the worlds Jeff creates, drawn by the sheer power of his words. His advice to fellow authors to embrace their unique voice and persevere through challenges resonates deeply, offering a beacon of hope to aspiring writers.

“Over Home,” Jeff’s latest work-in-progress, promises to be a riveting tale, inspired by life’s journeys and the indomitable human spirit.

Dear readers, as you embark on literary adventures within the pages of Jeff’s books, remember the magic that words hold – to transport, heal, and inspire. Let us cherish the artistry of authors like Jeff, whose stories enrich our lives and fuel our imagination.

Thank you, Jeff, for sharing your experiences and inspiring us with your literary progress. Your dedication to the craft continues to uplift and captivate readers worldwide.

Don’t miss the opportunity to read Jeff Carlson’s books and follow him on his writing journey. Find out more about Jeff Carlson here.

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