Markee Books helps authors design great visuals that get their books more attention.

From designing your reader’s first impression, through your book cover, to standing out with cinematic book trailers, and even developing your personal brand, each service we provide amplifies your story and gives you the best chance at reaching more readers organically or making your paid marketing more effective.

Yes! We have team members in all major areas across the globe, who can speak multiple languages! If you have a special request for a very specific location, we can discuss your budget if it is possible. Contact Us today to get started.

If you are unsure of what you want your book cover to be, we will show you market research based on your genre to inform you of our recommendations. Further, send us a summary of your story, and a description of your characters, and we’ll give you 3 very different Mock-Ups of your book cover for you to choose from.

Each author has a very specific vision for the book cover, book trailer, and personal identity. These factors influence how much budget is required to make your vision a reality. 

To receive a free quote on any service, Contact Us today.

We accept Bank Transfer, Credit / Debit, PayPal, or even Crypto. 

If you wish to pay for your services with Crypto, Contact Us today.

Although we do not have many refunds, and 99.9% of authors love their final designs, in the case you are looking for a refund, it is only possible prior to beginning your final design. 

For Book Covers, this means if you want a refund during the Mock-Up phase it will be granted, but cannot be granted after the Mock-Up phase is finished. Our team of artists put hard work into the designs that, after first approval, must be compensated for. We have a very generous revision policy to ensure you love the outcome.

For Book Trailers, after the script is approved and your initial deposit sent, we cannot refund after production begins. For cinematic and animated trailers especially, large teams, insurance, and multiple people are involved with creating the project and for these reasons; refunds are only available during the scripting phase and afterwards are not available. Rest assured, through each step of the process, you will be given multiple updates on your production to ensure you approve it.

For Personal Branding, the refund can only be given during the scheduling phase. After the production date for filming or photography has been booked, refunds must be requested with at least 72 hour notice prior to the production date or no refund will be issued. No refunds are available after the production date is finished. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we can discuss re-shooting your photography or interview, but cannot issue a refund after the date of production. 

For additional questions or information, visit our Terms of Service and Returns and Cancellation Policy pages.

We have a full list of Ambassador rewards and commission you can receive by referring your fellow authors to use Markee Books. Even if you’re not an author yourself, but can bring authors to Markee Books, you can become an Ambassador.

Our system is manual for now while the program grows. To get the full Ambassador program details, Contact Us today and mention “Ambassador” in your message.